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Grown-Up Horsecamp with a Splash of Personal Leadership

What is a LEADER?

A LEADER is a person that attempts to influence the thinking beliefs or development of someone else. Equine Assisted Leadership is rapid or experiential learning. It is audio, visual, Interactive, problem solving and fun. The horse doesn’t know if you’re a CEO or an independent artist, they will respond as a partner to leadership through love; connection, intention, pressure, clarity, communication, confidence, trust and listening.

My job is to read the responses of the horse and articulate that to facilitate clients thinking and working though challenges (creative thinking and strategic solutions). These horsemanship workshops are audio, visual, and interactive fun.

What would you expect from a leadership workshop?

Every day starts with morning leadership workshops, followed by an afternoon break, and continuing in the afternoon with plenty of horsemanship training. Then end the day relaxing together in group reflection around the campfire before retiring.

Choose from: Sunday evening to Thursday afternoon workshop, or a Thursday afternoon to a Sunday morning workshop.

Workshops may include but will not be limited to:

  • Horse Dynamics: What makes them tick

  • Horse care and safety

  • You and the Horse: Listening, Trust, & Connection

  • Practical Ground Work: Energy, Impulsion, & Connection - Building Relationships

  • Basic Horsemanship with Riding

  • Problem Solving & Creative Thinking through Obstacle Training

  • Off-Horse Group Activities:

    • Energy​

    • Listening

    • Creative Thinking

  • Celebration Culminating Event: Fun Team Activity & Riding Challenge

  • Reflection Time

(Workshops limited up to five guests a week, ages 18 and older. Guests with children are encouraged to check out the Build a Spark options.)

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