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Horsemanship lessons are an hour long lesson that includes groundwork, grooming, tacking and a mounted lesson. They may also include equine science like parts of the horse and tack, breeds, colors, simple first aid, games and more. Each lesson builds off of the previous one. Safety is a priority so

speed is worked up to as skill, balance and ability allow. All lessons are considered group lessons to include up to 4 students per class. Lessons are offered for age 8 through adult with a weight limit of 200 lbs.

Horsemanship lessons are $40 per lesson with lessons being one time a week. If this is more than you can pay then pay what you can and refer me to several friends. If you can pay a little more to pay it forward to help someone else receive lessons then please consider doing so. I don’t want anyone to miss out.


Clients will improve their skills, explore and expand their knowledge, and will gain respect and connection with and for their horse, others and themselves.

I specialize in facilitating Equine Assisted Leadership Workshops, teaching beginner/intermediate western horsemanship riding lessons and giving guest a fun educational horse experience.

Pony Pal lessons are $30 one time a week offered on Wednesday’s April-June & Aug-Oct.


“I’ve been taking lessons from Tina for two years. I’ve always loved horses and wanted to pursue an equine career for quite some time, but until I met Tina I really didn’t have much experience with them. She’s helped me gain the confidence and knowledge needed to start working towards my dreams. She’s been an excellent person to learn from. Her gentle and fun spirited self helps you quickly feel comfortable. She understands that everyone learns differently and is thoughtful about showing you or rephrasing something in a way that makes sense to you if you’re not getting something. She challenges you while making safety a priority. I’ve appreciated the extra time she’s taken with me and how she strives to always leave lessons off on a good note. I love Tina’s willingness and desire to learn new things herself and share them with others. Tina focuses especially on your relationship with your horse and helps you learn how to communicate with your horse and how they communicate with you which I think is foundational whether you are a beginner or advanced rider. Although she lives a bit farther away now, I’m still more than willing to make the drive. ”

Brittani Walton

“ New Students,

I started lessons 4 years ago when I was 8 years old. I learned many things from Tina like how to take care of a horse and how

to properly ride. Tina was very patient and let us try things again until we got it. She also knows a lot about horses! She taught us how to pick hooves and how to measure a horse, along with how to safely move around a horse. Tina is a very caring and supportive teacher and all the horses are very gentle and easy to work with. My favorite horse is Faith! I miss that Tina isn’t here anymore, but anyone would be lucky to have her as their instructor!”

Taylor Poulson

Lantern Lighter Ranch LLC

To future horsemanship students,

My daughter, Taylor, was a student of Tina’s for 4 years. I can not say enough good things about Tina’s skills as an instructor and her kindness as a person. Over the course of those 4 years, Tina taught my daughter so many things. She learned skills ranging from beginner riding to more advanced skills, along with grooming, anatomy, feeding, tacking and everything in between. Horsemanship lessons also helped build her self-confidence in and out of the arena. We also loved that Tina took safety as a top priority and that the kids were always paired with a horse for their learning level. She is extremely knowledgeable with horses and horsemanship lessons. Tina always kept the lessons fun for the kids, she is unbelievably kind, and has the patience of a saint. We are sad she is no longer in our area, but we’d definitely consider driving the hour

distance just to have her as our instructor. We feel blessed to have gotten to know Tina, and are thankful for everything she has done for our daughter. If anyone were looking for a place to go for horsemanship lessons, I would highly recommend Tina! (You will not be disappointed!)

Tiffany Poulson
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